Snapshots of Mumbai

Ed King
– featuring pictures by Paul Ward

‘It wasn’t until my second visit to Mumbai that I started to understand the torrid history of India under colonial rule. The British Raj, what lay before, during and after.

I grew up in Birmingham in the centre of England – amidst strong Gujarati, Punjabi and Kashmiri Diasporas – and have felt familiar to India since I was a child, as much of my home city would. Making Diwali candles and Eid Mubarak cards in primary school, eating onion bhajis and Kit Kats for lunch; India was the culture of classmates. But as for the shared past that brought us together, based on both commerce and cruelty… the term ‘Empire’ was never taught in our history lessons.’

South City / Gateway of India


Snapshots of Mumbai is the first in a series of books that explore the might and majesty of India, whilst softly explaining the roots of Imperialism that stole seven islands to begin building an Empire. A walk through the history of a modern day megacity – a collection of essays, interviews and images about people who live and work in Mumbai.

A matt laminated case bound ‘coffee table’ book, laid out as A4 landscape, Snapshots of Mumbai tells its story through 200 pages, 55,000 words, and a rolling gallery of photographs from Paul Ward.

A limited first run collector’s edition is now available to pre-order, click here for full details and links to online purchases.

Snapshots of Mumbai will be on shelf from Friday 29th November 2019.